Trumpland, MA: Trump backer exposes views, penis to Orange Line rider, police say


Transit Police report arresting a Malden man on charges he determined the best way to make his point in a political discussion early this morning on a train to Forest Hills was to pull his pants down and show just what a man he is.

Or as Transit Police put it:

The victim, an adult female, relayed the following information to officers: while travelling on an Orange Line train a male, later identified as James Sacchetti, 30, of Malden, approached the victim and initiated a conversation about the recent Presidential Election. Sacchetti, assuming the victim voted for Secretary Clinton, made reference to that being a poor choice. The victim responded by informing Sacchetti her vote is her personal choice and business. At this time the victim alleged Sacchetti stood up from his seat, unbuckled his belt lowered his pants/underwear and exposed himself to her. Sacchetti then exited the train.

Police arrested him on a charge of open and gross lewdness.

Innocent, etc.



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Friendly passengers

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I rarely find strangers in the city willing to talk.

He is probably shocked he got

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He is probably shocked he got arrested since the guy he voted for has done worse and gotten away with it. I feel bad for women, minorities, gay people etc. These next 4 years are going to be rough. Pathetic Trump voters like this are emboldened by the intolerance and ignorance that Trump has shown for decades now. This is but one example.

No, No, No. Women need to

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No, No, No. Women need to stop being so passive and start scaring the shit outta these fucking losers.


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It's not that easy

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(assuming this comment isn't sarcasm/trolling..?)

"these fucking losers" could very well have a gun, or a knife, or in most cases could physically overpower us. In most cases not resisting (or embarrassing the loser, or whatever else you mean by "scaring" them) has nothing to do with being indifferent toward lewd behavior, and everything to do with having made a calculation and choosing to stay alive/uninjured.

True for both genders

I try to diffuse/ignore situations like this for the same reason that I have no idea how crazy, strong, or armed the person is. It doesn't matter what gender. Nothing good comes from escalation unless it's the only chance of escape.

Did she remember to use the MAGIC words?

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I hope she remembered to use the magic words shocked and alarmed. Apparantly as of last week this behaviour is AOK on the T as long as people are only disgusted and not shocked and alarmed.

Oh, another Trumpland

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Though this one actually fits, though.

Seriously, though, the only argument that might justify pulling down one's pants and exposing one's penis would have the statement "I bet you have a tiny penis" in it, and even then the best reply would be "I bet you want to see how big it is" and just leave it at that.

Ah, Malden, the Quincy of the North.

There's a weirdness vibe to both

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And don't get me wrong. If I were to decamp to a location outside of Boston, both cities would be on the top of my list, but from the little bit of time spent at the Quincy Center and Malden Center T stops, I get the feeling that there is weirdness about, so when you hear a story of someone getting into a political discussion with a stranger that ends with trousers being dropped, the two cities would be the first ones I would think of (excepting, of course, Manchester, NH, but the T doesn't go there.)

Thanks for letting me clarify. Perhaps people might have though that it was due to the large Asian populations in each city, but no, that's a net neutral thing. It's the weirdos that are attracted to the areas.


Call me a weirdo then.

Normal people live in both cities.


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I'm just glad you didn't comment on my claim that if I were to move out of Boston these would be my top choices as far as places to live goes. So, yeah, I am familiar with the idea that thousands of normal, heck thousands of really nice, people live in both cities. That said, there's weirdness afoot, and this confirms my assumption about the weirdness.

And, since I don't feeling like making two replies on this, no, I don't frequent either centers too much, but of the few times I've been to each over the past year, I've gotten the vibe that there's weirdness afoot.

But overall, great cities both.

I am still a bit lost. How

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I am still a bit lost. How often do you visit either of these T stops? They are not close. Have you been to these stops multiple times and experienced things every time?

Quincy's weirdness has many mothers

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Father Bill's homeless shelter is nearby. As is Quincy District Court. Social Security office too. Put them all together and you've got a good population of people that can skew weird.

Really sad seeing the drug victims. Lost souls.

Trump supporter?

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Where does it say he was a Trump supporter? The report says that he told the victim that a vote for Clinton was a poor choice. I'm not a Trump supporter, but I agree with his statement.

(Certainly don't agree with any of his other conduct)

It does not but

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the woman said that the man initiated a conversation about politics which probably highlighted more of his political beliefs. That plus his comment about Clinton and the exposing of Mr. Winky tells me that he had a better than fifty percent chance of being a Trump supporter.

I dunno

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Bernie Bros have a hard time keeping it in their pants too

Unicorns, too

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Except, as you know, neither exist in reality.

Keep trying, and remember: All that glitters is showers!

The one benefit of a two

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The one benefit of a two party system is you can say with almost 100% confidence who this guy supports. Being an accused sex offender like Trump is just the icing on the cake.


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How do you know he wasn't a Jill Stein supporter? Gary Johnson?

Why is this (alleged) perv different from all other pervs?

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Because he didn't just drop trou or unzip and let his twig and berries out like all those other guys. He used his no doubt bigly shlong to make a point in a political discussion, at least according to police. That's what makes this case different.

Sheesh, it's not like I wrote something long and convoluted where it would be hard to pick up on that detail.


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At this time the victim alleged Sacchetti stood up from his seat, unbuckled his belt lowered his pants/underwear and exposed himself to her.

No, it doesn't explicitly say he was face forward with her, but come on. How would she know he unbuckled his pants if he weren't facing her?

Just saying....

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If he stood up and she all of a sudden saw his bare ass, she could probably figure out that he must have unbuckled his pants at some point.....

You mean

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That Bernie was a better choice? Or Stein, perhaps? Or Johnson?