By - 8/14/06 - 2:18 pm

Bryan Clark also heard the gunfire at Morgan Park and discovers Cambridge has gangs, but that Mayor Kenneth Reeves can laugh them off because he thinks Cambridge gangbangers are wusses who don't stack up to the gangs of his Detroit youth. Clark writes:

... Every time a gun goes off around here you can hear the police cars all converging on my neighborhood.

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By - 7/6/05 - 4:27 pm

Eileen discusses the Fruits and Vegetables gang (members allegedly worked in Produce at local supermarkets) that is charged with beating up people in West Roxbury:

... They've beaten the crap out of some locals and they're that particularly irritating brand of white kid that has never suffered or wanted for anything. They go to good schools, their parents are cops and firefighters, and they're

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By - 5/12/05 - 8:16 pm

For the second week in a row, the West Roxbury Transcript leads with the shocking story of the local gangbangers:

It's not a gang
Mom defends Fruits and Veggies son

Now, as a long-time member of the Fourth Estate, I applaud people who talk to reporters. But even if you do believe your teen-age son is "a lover, not a fighter," if you can't...Read more

By - 5/5/05 - 1:31 pm

The Roslindale Bulletin reports that police in normally bucolic West Roxbury are on the lookout for a group of former produce guys from the West Roxbury Roche Bros. and Shaw's who are beating people up at Billings Field. They call themselves the Fruits and Vegetables Gang.

The West Roxbury Transcript reports that many of the lads are students at Catholic Memorial and Boston...Read more