Tufts Medical Center

By - 12/14/14 - 9:50 am

Paul Levy, who knows something about failing hospitals, having become CEO of Beth Israel just as the state wanted to shut it down, takes a look at the proposed merger of Boston Medical Center and Tufts Medical Center - and how to keep the merger from simply becoming " a case of strapping two leaky lifeboats together, leading to a faster demise than if... Read more

By - 2/11/14 - 8:33 am
Waiting at Green Street for the Orange Line

Like a bad dream: Waiting for the Orange Line at Green. Photo by Kristin MacDougall.

All the doctors in the world upstairs could do nothing to revive the outbound Orange Line train that expired at Tufts Medical Center around 8:20 a.m.

This was after a Green Line trolley expired at Copley and various trains heading to South Station took a break in their morning routine thanks to switch problems.

UPDATE: Another Orange Line train died at Sullivan, or maybe it... Read more

By - 12/11/13 - 5:22 pm
Tufts Medical Center in the dark

Attack of the shadow people this afternoon. Photo by Justin.

Around 2 p.m., Adam Castiglioni reported the lights were out at the Tufts Medical Center stop.

Transit Police responded fairly quickly:

Electricians are working on the problem and additional staff were sent to the station to assist passengers.

As of 5 p.m., however, Boston to a T reports:

Still pretty much pitch black at Tufts Medical station.

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By - 11/29/13 - 11:57 am

Smoky Tufts platform. Photo by BFD.

A fire in an electrical room just beyond the inbound platform at Tufts Medical Center brought the Orange Line to an abrupt end this morning.

The Boston Fire Department reports a 15,000-volt line began to smolder around 10:10 a.m. Firefighters had to bring in dry-powder extinguishers to put out the fire - and several "smoke ejectors" to clear the smoke out of the station.... Read more

By - 5/31/13 - 2:51 pm

Transit Police report arresting a man on charges he tried to steal a woman's phone out of her hands at the Tufts Medical Center stop on the Orange Line last night.

According to police, Joaquin Armaiz, 43, went up to a woman walking towards the platform around 7:40 p.m., grabbed her by the shoulders and demanded her phone:

The victim refused, the male then

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By - 1/14/13 - 5:00 pm

MBTA Transit Police report an Orange Line rider engrossed in a game on his iPhone 4 failed to notice the guy who was about to snatch it out of his hands as the train pulled into Tufts Medical Center around 12:20 p.m.

However, police say:

The victim gave chase, following Isiah Cooper out onto Washington Street. The victim was yelling for passersby to stop

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By - 10/24/12 - 6:55 pm

Six teens were arraigned today on charges they attacked a woman on an Orange Line train yesterday evening and made off with her cell phone. And after they were done, they exchanged high fives, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The DA's office adds that one of the teens, Eric Thompson, 18, of Dorchester, was arrested at Transit Police headquarters in Roxbury when he... Read more

By - 10/15/12 - 9:57 am

PenaMBTA Transit Police report arresting a man they say "manipulated himself" in front of a woman at Tufts Medical Center on Oct. 6 when the woman saw him again last night at the Orange Line station.

Police say Juan Pena, 23, started his subway interlude on Oct. 6 by piggybacking his... Read more

By - 11/15/11 - 7:19 pm

CommonHealth reports on the collapse of contract talks between the hospital and the insurer.

By - 11/2/11 - 8:03 pm

Got on the Orange Line to Forest Hills at Downtown Crossing at rush hour today and Angry Screaming Driver was in fine form, yelling at some woman who apparently didn't like the car she was in and ran to another. Then, at Chinatown, ASD kept it up:


By... Read more

By - 8/3/11 - 8:57 am

WBUR reports on possible effects of research cuts on teaching hospitals in Massachusetts, which bring in more federal science funds per capita than any other state - some $2.4 billion just from the National Institutes of Health last year.

By - 5/17/11 - 7:57 am

Beth reports that as her Orange Line train approached New England Tufts Medical Center around 10:40 last night, the operator announced:

Next stop: Hogwarts. Don't forget your wands.

This train now running express to Mordor.

By - 5/6/11 - 6:44 am

Nurses, hospital reached a last-minute deal, Channel 5 reports.

By - 5/7/10 - 11:04 am

The Supreme Judicial Court today upheld a state board's decision to strip a male nurse of his license for repeated inappropriate behavior with drunk women in the emergency room at what is now Tufts Medical Center.

The Board of Registration in Nursing said that while it is not inappropriate per se for a male nurse to be alone with a female patient, Paul Duggan had... Read more

By - 3/25/10 - 10:16 am

Tufts Medical Center paid the MBTA $150,000 for the recent re-naming of New England Medical Center stop on the Orange Line, spokesman Joe Pesaturo says. Pesaturo adds the new name will eventually be added to maps across the system as part of a two-year map replacement project.

By - 1/23/09 - 5:42 pm

This morning, Rob Sama reported he was going into Tufts Medical Center to have a benign tumor removed from his pituitary gland. Went into quite a bit of detail; even posted copies of his MRIs for all you House and Gray's Anatomy fans. He came out of surgery OK, might even get to go home early, which we know because, of course, he... Read more

By - 1/17/09 - 11:32 am

Channel 4 reports Tufts Medical Center and Blue Cross/Blue Shield have reached agreement on a new contract that will let Blue Cross patients keep seeing Tufts doctors.