By - 12/14/06 - 10:25 pm

Two Dorchester men charged with assaulting bouncer with what turned out to be a BB gun.

934 Dorchester Ave.

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By - 12/5/06 - 9:35 pm

One victim pronounced at the scene; other taken to Boston Medical Center in serious condition.

Suspect arrested in Washington, DC.

91 Florida St.

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By - 11/29/06 - 9:02 pm

Failed to get anything; one arrested.

40 Kingsdale St.

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By - 11/29/06 - 6:04 pm

Victim found several blocks away; taken to Boston Medical Center in serious condition.

Harvard and Spencer street

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By - 11/28/06 - 3:08 pm

Police report that the man, 57, was jogging down Centre Street when approached by three teens - who surrounded him, ripped his Walkman earplugs out, punched him in the face, then chased him as he tried to run away. Police arrested two 14-year-olds and a 16-year old, all local.

By - 11/26/06 - 7:17 pm

Man says suspect grabbed his wallet from his pocket, slashed him, then fled. Treated at Boston Medical Center.

School and Washington streets

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By - 11/26/06 - 3:20 am

Five shot, one fatally, during a fight outside a party. The dead man was 18; the other victims ranged in age from 14 to 17.

67 Milton Ave.

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By - 11/25/06 - 3:36 am

Victim sees man bang on his vehicle at Mobil station, drives off, hears gunfire and realizes he's been shot. Treated for non-life threatening injury.

Blue Hill Avenue and American Legion Highway

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By - 11/23/06 - 9:20 am

State troopers hear gunfire at Whitfield and Norfolk Streets around 10:30 last night. They chase the suspects:

On Withington Street the suspects fled and entered a black S.U.V. while firing multiple rounds at the Troopers in the area of Torrey and Withington Streets. These bullets hit no police officers or civilians.

By - 11/22/06 - 10:40 pm

State troopers responding to a report of gunfire chase two men who jump into an SUV and shoot multiple rounds at them. Nobody injured.

Withington and Torrey streets

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By - 11/18/06 - 5:12 am

Taken to local hospital; expected to live.

59 Edson St.

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By - 11/16/06 - 8:41 pm

Victim taken to Boston Medical Center in critical condition.

Enoc Phillips, 47, arrested. He was taken to Carney Hospital for treatment of an injury not expected to be fatal.

14 Wales St.

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By - 11/12/06 - 12:35 am

Victims say they were sitting on steps when unknown person opened fire on them, fled.

21 Leyland St.

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By - 11/11/06 - 6:41 pm

Tina Feagin, 38, of Dorchester, Roneisha Feigan, 18, of Dorchester, Tanika Barton, 28, of Dorchester and Kasha Cooper, 19, of Dorchester were all arrested and charged with two counts of Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (a bat and knife) and one count of Assault and Battery.

46 Washington St.

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By - 11/10/06 - 11:52 am

Woman, 19, says she was attacked. Treated at the scene.

Kentavia Merrit, 21, of Dorchester to face charges.

Washington and Vassar streets

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By - 11/9/06 - 6:15 pm

Two hold-up men on the loose.

Centre and Melbourne streets

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By - 11/8/06 - 7:00 pm

Woman promises guy at gas station a good time at her place; he follows, gets beaten up and robbed by her accomplices. Four quickly arrested.

824 Blue Hill Ave.

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By - 11/7/06 - 9:04 pm

One pronounced dead at the scene; the other taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

11 Hamlet St.

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By - 11/4/06 - 12:36 am

Victim pronounced dead at the scene of a gunshot wound.

Arrest made.

36 Georgia St.

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By - 11/2/06 - 9:00 am

Niles J. Reavis, 41, of Dorchester, to be charged with the murder of Sandra Reavis, 39, of Dorchester.

75 Armandine St.

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