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The role of the human bottleneck will now be played by Councilor Feeney

The Herald reports.

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I wish I were a politician so that I wouldn't have to follow the law do my job.

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Its obvious that Feeney is in Menino's back pocket. She has been for a long, long time. She sold out long ago so she can be clerk. She has done nothing for women in her position. Now she is clamping down on the next rabble rouser, John Tobin.

John, like a long line of former politicians, is speaking up about Mayor's intent to pass on the job to his nephew Councilor Consalvo. John does not believe that make sense. That robs the public of their right to elect those who serve them. The Mayor, Feeney and Consalvo would seek to do this.

I give John some credit. He like Feeney has always kissed the Mayor's ring until, like a long line of former politicians, his pursuits conflict with the Mayor's pursuits.

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