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By - 10/12/18 - 9:56 am

Transit Police report arresting Jeffrey Phillips, 31, for indecent assault and battery for an incident on a Downtown Crossing escalator Wednesday afternoon.

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By - 10/12/18 - 9:45 am
Government Center MBTA station lit up in purple for Hubweek

Last night, Redsox223 wandered around City Hall Plaza, let up in various colors for Hubweek.

Copyright Redsox223. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 10/12/18 - 9:32 am

The MBTA reports delays of up to 10 minutes on the Green Line, due to an inbound trolley at Government Center with "a mechanical problem."

By - 10/10/18 - 3:39 pm
Erectile Dysfunction train on the Orange Line

Some Orange Line riders have plenty of opportunity to think about trains plunging into tunnels these days thanks to the ads that have been plastered in every ad spot in certain cars.

Some people might even recall the old sperm ads on the Red Line.

By - 10/5/18 - 10:01 am

Progressive Railroading reports the T has signed a $218-million contract with Barletta Heavy Division to installs new signalling equipment along the two lines and to upgrade switches on the Red Line to go along with the new cars that are supposed to be in full service by 2023.

By - 10/4/18 - 7:00 pm

The MBTA reports 10-minute delays on the Red Line towards Alewife because of signals that aren't quite feeling their oats.

By - 10/4/18 - 1:15 pm

Mass Ave 10-3-2018

Transit Police report arresting a man they say an MBTA worker and a security camera both captured kicking in a window at the Mass. Ave. Orange Line stop for what police say was "no apparent reason."

Nicholas Sullivan, 25, was nabbed after the act around 1:25 a.m. on Wednesday, police say.

By - 10/4/18 - 9:22 am

Jeremy Bushnell reports from Readville station:

We need more trains on the Franklin line; one just stopped at Readville & refused to admit anyone due to overcrowding.

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By - 9/29/18 - 8:05 pm
Car on the Green Line tracks along Commonwealth Avenue

The MBTA is reporting 15-minute delays on the Green Line to and from BC due to the car on the tracks that Fuad photographed.

By - 9/28/18 - 9:46 am
Three possible new bus routes from City Point to downtown.

Three possible routes. See it larger.

The companies planning to turn the old L Street power plant into a large mixed-use development say they are looking at three possible routes for a new bus line to get South Boston residents to and from downtown - including a possible express bus down Summer Street - and that they are hoping they can get it running in the first quarter of next year. Read more.

By - 9/27/18 - 9:09 am

UPDATE: The T reports the machines are working again.

The MBTA reports its card vending machines are not accepting either credit or debit cards right now, although if you happen to have some Susan B. Anthony dollars ...

By - 9/26/18 - 6:49 pm

The MBTA reports outbound delays of up to 20 minutes due to a dead trolley at Hynes.

By - 9/24/18 - 11:02 pm
By - 9/24/18 - 12:48 pm
Allege spitter

Transit Police report they are looking for a man who spit in the face of a woman he didn't know when she refused to pay for his T fare, even after he began screaming at her. Read more.

By - 9/24/18 - 8:54 am
Overcrowded train at Roslindale Village

Around 8:15 a.m., Kerry O'Brien reported an inbound Needham Line train was so crowded people at Roslindale Village couldn't get on.

By - 9/24/18 - 8:50 am
People forced off train at Central Square

12 Overripened Plums was among the people ordered off an inbound Red Line train at Central Square when smoke began coming off it. Read more.

By - 9/23/18 - 11:41 am
MBTA priority places: Logan, Longwood, Kendall, South Boston Waterfront

MBTA's current "priority places." Allston/Brighton officials want part of Allston added.

Five elected officials who represent Allston/Brighton want the state to include the area around the Allston turnpike exit as a "priority place" in its 2040 transportation plans because development in and near the old Beacon Park rail yard will otherwise mean "unacceptable congestion." Read more.

By - 9/21/18 - 4:15 pm
Man in custody at Oak Grove MBTA station

Allegedly pissy man under arrest. Photo by rm -rf *.


Transit Police report arresting a Malden man (um, of course?) at the Oak Grove Orange Line station last night after he allegedly urinated on a parked Transit Police cruiser and then, with that out of his system, ripped off one of its license plates and tried to smash in a window.

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By - 9/20/18 - 11:21 pm

A judge last week ordered serial T defacer Marc Meadowcroft to six months in jail for getting arrested for graffiti after promising in 2015 he'd never take up a marker on MBTA property following his arrest for blasting his tag all over two historic trolleys at Boylston., the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By - 9/19/18 - 10:31 pm
Saving a concrete lion's head on the old Homans Building in Somerville

Roving UHub photographer Rachel Mello watched workers carefully remove a concrete lion from the old Homans Building in Somerville, which is being torn down to make way for the Gilman Square station on the Green Line Extension. Read more.