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Universal Hub, started in 2005, is a community news and information site for the Boston area based on the idea that residents can help keep themselves informed. Combining reports from a pool of hundreds of local bloggers, photographers and tweeters, Universal Hub posts daily news and links, often before the mainstream media, and gives local folks a place to discuss the day's events - and to post news on their own.

No, it's not true that editor Adam Gaffin has no life. Occasionally, he gets out of his mountain fastness along the Roslindale/Hyde Park line to take photos, too.

Gaffin has spent his entire adult life as a reporter and editor, covering everything from school-committee meetings to the Comprehensive Object Request Architecture for client/server computing (God, no, don't ask him to explain that, unless the sleeping pills aren't kicking in). In 1993, he set up the first Internet site in the country for a daily, general-circulation newspaper (using the then exciting new technology known as "gopher").

In addition to his work on Universal Hub, Gaffin consults with small media organizations and start-ups seeking to develop community-oriented news sites. See the Dorchester Reporter and the Watershed Post for examples of his work, which includes everything from initial consultation and development of the sites on the Drupal platform to helping expand and promote the sites once they're live.

Contact Universal Hub at [email protected].

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What's the deal with the name?

We're an information hub for Boston, you know, the Hub of the Universe. OK, OK, it's a wicked bad pun.


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