By - 6/24/18 - 7:15 pm
Digging a tunnel under Boston Harbor for a trolley line

Back at the start of the 20th century, boring a tunnel took a lot of hard, manual labor - you still needed big, burly men to hack away at the rock. The BPL has three sketches of men at work digging a tunnel for a trolley line between downtown Boston and Maverick Square ... Read more.

By - 6/24/18 - 6:09 pm

The MBTA is reporting various delays on the Red Line due to a train that expired at Harvard Square as well as some "ignited debris on the tracks."

By - 6/24/18 - 5:16 pm

The Globe reports federal officials are NOT investigating the former Red Sox player; that the guy who was found with the box dropped his name to try to get out of an arrest (and that it didn't work). The report, by two Globe reporters, including veteran crime writer Shelly Murphy, does not mention the source of the original story that got everbody thinking there was more to the end of Ramirez's time in Boston than just baseball -...

Read more
By - 6/24/18 - 1:02 pm
Graffiti: Trump eats babies

A concerned citizen files a 311 report from the South End:

Disgusting and hateful graffiti trashing up our beautiful tennis court at Titus Sparrow park. This political message needs to be removed immediately from city park/property.


By - 6/24/18 - 10:01 am
Turkey in South Boston

Jay spotted this turkey by the container terminal in South Boston this morning.

By - 6/23/18 - 12:25 pm
Busted windshield on Washington Street in the South End

Alex Kingsbury reports three cars parked on Washington Street near the Peters Park baseball diamond were hit by baseballs this morning, although only one of them will get the Giant Glass jingle stuck in your head.

By - 6/23/18 - 12:06 pm
Venmo sign in Jamaica Plain

Robert Orthman spotted this yard-sale sign today. Wait, are there kids out there going "What's a checkbook?"

By - 6/23/18 - 11:48 am

The US Attorney's office reports Nery Rodriguez Diaz, 18, and Elmer Alfaro Hercules, 19, both Salvadoran nationals, were indicted this week on one count each of being illegal aliens in possession of firearms and ammunition, following their arrests last month at the Bremen Street Park on gun charges. Read more.

By - 6/22/18 - 10:34 pm
Massport police cruiser without the POL

Massport runs a couple parks in East Boston, which has a high population of immigrants from the sorts of places the current administration doesn't want to let into the country because Reasons. So you'd think Massport might have thought twice about sending out one of its new cruisers, which hadn't yet had its complete paint scheme applied, to the Bremen Street park and then parking it next to the splash pad. As JK discovered this evening, though, you'd think wrong.

By - 6/22/18 - 9:05 pm
Fiery sunset over the Charles River

Aeron Hodges watched the sun go down this evening. Read more.

By - 6/22/18 - 6:09 pm
Boston Fire Department at Downtown Crossing Macy's

Firefighters responded to the eighth and seventh floors of 1 Summer Street in Downtown Crossing late this afternoon where rooms containing uninterruptible power supplies and large batteries at Markley Group's data center began filling with arc'ing and smoke and then water when the sprinklers went off. Read more.

By - 6/22/18 - 4:54 pm

WBZ reports that Tommy Chang, Boston school superintendent since 2015, is leaving his job. The Globe reports that Chang, who came here from Los Angeles, is quitting even though he doesn't have another job lined up.

Read more.

By - 6/22/18 - 4:49 pm

Associated Press reports a federal jury has convicted Frank Salemme and Paul Weadick for murdering Steven DiSarro, owner of the Channel, which used to be where a parking lot now fronts Fort Point Channel.

By - 6/22/18 - 1:06 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Charlie Brea, 32, of South Boston, of first-degree murder for the death of Luis Montanez, who simply had the bad luck to be standing outside the old Breezeway bar on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury when a fistfight erupted. Read more.

By - 6/22/18 - 11:17 am

Boston Police report arresting a Malden woman twice in three hours yesterday, first for allegedly shoplifting stuff at the CVS at 318 Hanover St. and then for trying to grab an employee's purse at the District A-1 station after she was done being booked for the shoplifting. Read more.

By - 6/22/18 - 9:37 am

Last Little Italy

Via comes Rocco Capano's interviews with a number of North End cafe and restaurant owners about their opposition to a proposed Starbucks on Cross Street at Hanover, at the entrance to the neighborhood. Read more.

By - 6/22/18 - 9:21 am

The condo association at the Harbor Towers says it plans to sue the state over its recent approval of a city plan to allow developer Don Chiofaro's proposed replacement of the Aquarium garage. Read more.

By - 6/21/18 - 11:13 pm

Boston Police report a Hyde Park man who didn't want to go to the hospital for a psychiatric stay attacked responding officers with his fists, feet and teeth - and with two screwdrivers. Read more.

By - 6/21/18 - 9:12 pm

Transit Police report they are looking for Nicholas Dercolo, 18, of Brockton, on a charge of assault and battery on an elderly person for an incident on a Red Line train at South Station on June 11.

Read more.