French Toast Alert Level: 4 Slices / High. Explanation.
1/19/19 - 11:19 pm
Steve Cooper on WHDH

WHDH's Steve Cooper reported from Andover tonight with a snow shovel, an umbrella, a 40-lb. bag of salt, a box of Devil Dogs and a box of Twinkies.

1/19/19 - 9:29 pm
1/19/19 - 9:20 pm
1/19/19 - 5:59 pm
Cone on Walter Street in Roslindale

At 4:07 p.m., a disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about this cone put out after approximately 25 flakes had fallen on Walter Street in Roslindale:

Space saver out and there isn't even any snow yet.

1/19/19 - 3:44 pm

At least on a PC or laptop. I installed some new software to do something and blammo, either it took down the templates that control how the site looks or it was just an amazing coincidence that something else went wrong at the same time. Got the templates working again, but some things are still a bit off, such as the font size. But as long as I have you: Read more.

1/19/19 - 2:40 pm

Around 2:20 p.m. on River Street at Barry Street. Multiple shots fired. Police are also investigating a car crash on River Street that might be related to the shooting.

1/19/19 - 11:31 am
Trump is a Yankees fan

Julia Ofman is at the Boston women's march.

Roving UHub photographer ELE, meanwhile, spotted some support for the march in a flower box on River Street on Beacon Hill: Read more.

1/18/19 - 11:19 pm
Guaranteed Swahili

The Boston Language Institute, which for decades guaranteed Boston subway riders they could learn Swahili, shut down today, not because every Bostonian who has ever wanted to learn Swahili has done so, but because its bank seized its account. Read more.

1/18/19 - 8:54 pm

A Boston health inspector yesterday ordered China Bo, 49 Warren St., shut for violations that included 10 pounds of raw chicken being stored too warm, dead roaches at the bottom of a pizza oven and rodent droppings by the front counter where customers pick up orders. Read more.

1/18/19 - 4:16 pm

Two men who got into an argument on Washington Street in Egleston Square pulled out guns and fired at each other shortly after 3:30 p.m. according to police and City Councilor Matt O'Malley. Read more.

1/18/19 - 12:25 pm
Boat seen through a chain in Boston Harbor

Roving UHub photographer Caroline D. spotted some boats through a spyhole, well, a link in a chain, on Lewis Wharf this morning.

1/18/19 - 12:16 pm
Cabral, Ross and Linskey

Cabral makes a point at hearing as Ross listens. Linskey sits behind them.

The Zoning Board of Appeals this week approved what would be Boston's first recreational pot shop, in the old Hilton Tent City building on Friend Street, near North Station. Read more.

1/18/19 - 11:05 am

The Zoning Board of Appeals this week approved a developer's plans to build a six-unit condo building at 66 Lubec St. in East Boston - with the proviso that he find a way to increase the size of one studio unit from the planned 397 square feet to at least the 450 square feet the city normally requires as a minimum for studios. Read more.

1/18/19 - 10:34 am

The Supreme Judicial Court today upheld David Copeland's first-degree murder conviction for killing John Marshall in a parking lot on Dale Street in Roxbury on July 29, 2008.

The ruling means Copeland will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. Read more.

1/18/19 - 9:40 am

The MBTA reports Red Line delays of up to 15 minutes due to an inbound train near Central that developed signal troubles and had to be removed from service, and you know how long that can take.

1/18/19 - 9:20 am
Weather Channel reporter with a ruler
French Toast Alert is at 4 Slices

Gary Waldeck ran across the Weather Channel's Steve Petyerak and Jim Cantore along the waterfront this morning, bracing, as one does when one works for the Weather Channel, for this weekend's snow/sleet action.

Yes, Mr. Thundersnow is in town. That's rarely a good thing. We've raised the French Toast Alert level to 4 Slices/High.

1/18/19 - 8:46 am

It was another weary morning for commuters on the Red and Green Lines due to a Red Line train that developed mechanical problems near Harvard and trolleys that started pondering the meaning of life inbound at Sutherland Road and outbound at Arlington. But the T says all is fine and dandy again.

1/18/19 - 8:38 am
Stop & Shop robot delivery car

Photo by Robomart.

Robomart, a San Francisco company, says Stop & Shop will roll out its robogrocery vehicles in the Boston area later this year. Read more.

1/17/19 - 5:20 pm

Mayor Walsh's office announced today it's hired Weston & Sampson of Boston to help the city figure out how to improve the Common with $28 million from the sale of the old Winthrop Square garage. Read more.