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News by neighborhood for week ending 06/13/2010

News by neighborhood being discussed on Universal Hub, this past week.


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I've been geotagging a fair amount of Boston posts (all fires, almost all crime, middling amount of other stories with specific addresses involved) but, aside from crime stuff, haven't done anything with it. Maybe I should. But I wonder if a general Boston map with everything marked would be sort of meaningless because there'd be too much stuff on it. Maybe put maps on neighborhood pages?

Thoughts? What sort of maps would you find interesting or maybe even useful?

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I should've talked to you about this before posting but it was late at night and the last day of the previous week and I was in a hurry ...

The nucleus of this idea was taken from a weekly feature in New York magazine.


It's a way to tag unique events in each neighborhood. It would include entertaining things that took place during the week, not necessarily posted on Universal Hub but maybe so.

The mapping I use doesn't allow for links, however, so no way to link back to the UH stories.

NY Mag used to run a weekly tally (they do so in Boston magazine, now) with +s and -s showing which neighborhoods had good weeks or bad.

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