Water mimes

Surfer dude

In their all-black wetsuits in the dreary gray water of Nahant Bay this afternoon, some surfers looked like nothing so much as mimes on boards. Crazy mimes on the verge of hypothermia, to be exact, but maybe those suits are warmer than they look.




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Surf Suck

If I don't get to go out and play, I'm glad to see that it was so ragged and relatively useless. Then again, Nahant only really rocks on a strong storm to the north.

Not sure this says "mime" to me - more like the Karate Kid or we could just call it the "downward frog" or the "teetering turtle".

The water isn't really much colder than a couple of months ago - and wetsuits vary in thickness and layering. People use 7mm in the winter months or all year on the North Pacific coast. Drysuits will take you even further down.

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Pee-pee principle

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Just pee in yer suit. Keeps you warm. (Does not apply to dry suits. Unless you got issues, then knock yerself out.)

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