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Encounter with the one-arm push-up guy in the Fenway

Unlike other panhandlers, he works hard for his money.

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He and his entourage were so fired up and jittery the first time that I thought it was some variation on three-card monte. I started walking past him but he dropped to the ground, twisted his body, and started doing them. I'm not a bodybuilder by any means, but I know these are really hard to do, strengthwise and balancewise. I was really impressed.

The second time I was with a friend, who had the same reaction I did the first time. I grabbed his arm and told him to watch. He was impressed, too. Gave him money both times.

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Going to nu, one armed pushup man was notorious. Almost everyone knew him, and if you didn't, someone near by did to verify who he was. Many times I'd walk by him in mid hustle and verify for gun that he was "one armed pushup man" and that he'd definitely do more "one armed" "pushups" than the challengee. It was always hilarious to see someone accept his bet and then lose due to his loose definition of a one armed pushup.

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