Employee of Chelsea strip club charged with repeatedly stabbing drunk customer

A worker at King Arthur's Lounge who got into an argument with a drunk customer shortly before the guy was ejected clocked out, followed him outside and punctured him so badly Chelsea Police summoned homicide investigators when they arrived, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charges.

Jody Lassiter, 49, of Everett, was arraigned in Chelsea District Court on a single count of armed assault with intent to murder, the DA's office reports, adding he was held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

According to the DA's office, Lassiter stabbed the patron roughly ten times shortly after midnight on May 15.

Chelsea Police detectives developed evidence suggesting that Lassiter and the victim argued inside the club shortly after the victim arrived from another bar. When the victim was ejected from the club, Lassiter is believed to have clocked out and followed him.

The bar has a bloody history. In 2008, a teenager shot up the place, leaving one dead and two injured; he got life. In 1982, an off-duty Everett cop upset at being tossed out after a fight summoned his friends in blue, who tore the place apart, leaving one man dead. Three officers were eventually convicted.

Innocent, etc.


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How is this place still in business?

By SomeNerd on

Somebody(or somebodies?) must be on the take. That, and it's probably the 3rd-largest employer in Chelsea, behind Market Basket and Dunkin' Donuts.

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Nobody lives near it

I'm sure it would not be tolerated in donwtown Chelsea or in Bellingham Square, but this location is in the middle of Scaryville, far from any residence.

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Scaryville... ha

Those photos are awesome. I have a similar shot of the oil tanks at the end of Broadway (not in Scaryville). It's a pretty appropos name for the area.

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Scaryville... nice

By somenerd on

LOL... I am now using that name when referring to that area. I actually live in Chelsea, and find myself driving down that road much more often than I'm comfortable with (getting to 93 N is a total PITA any way you slice it). I agree- DO NOT go after dark unless you're wearing kevlar.
I think the skeeviest part of that whole area is the sign for the video store that says they have "booths." Ew. Don't even wanna know.

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hmm...chelsea at 49 she may

By on

hmm...chelsea at 49 she may have been a stripper. (shutters at the thought)

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