So about all that snow we weren't supposed to get

Snowman at Northeastern this morning. Photo by Dan Kennedy.Snowman at Northeastern this morning. Photo by Dan Kennedy.

Melissa Mack at WBZ explains what happened:

You may be asking - what made this forecast bust and change within the course of the storm? The answer is the track of the vortex of the low.

Cambridge in the snow.

Ed. note: Vortex of the Low would make a fine indie band name.



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How about this

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All those organizations with suddenly nothing going on can start polling each snowflake on what they're going to do. Then Nate Silver can run the polling numbers and come up with an accurate forecast.

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I'm sure...

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I'm sure BMN (Bullshit Mountain News aka Fair and Balanced) would complain of a gravitational bias and predict that flakes start to fly up.

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