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Somebody open a bar called Higgs Boston, stat

Phill Hunt was thirsty today:

I wanna go for a drink at Higgs Boston.

Hillary, however, suggests it may be too late:

Higgs Boston - it's behind an unmarked door, down a staircase, next to a Dunkies. If you have to ask, you're not cool enough to go there.

And, in fact, there is a surprising number of Google results for the term Higgs Boston.

But what does it all mean? Technology reporter John Moe sums it up, in fewer than 140 characters, no less:

"I'm wicked hahd to find." - The Higgs-Boston Particle.

Chris Marstall adds:

Higgs Boston represent! Take that New York, lets see your Higgs!

To which Sean Frederick piles on:

"How do you like them atoms?" #higgsboston


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In fact, we only know that it exists from the effect it has on the licensing board.

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It took the Mass Pike, of course.

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...seen at the men's room, CERN:

"That gives me a Hadron."
"What a Boson."
"Yeah,m he should be Lepton."

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Derek Johnson:

Without Higgs boson, Boston would be in Achusetts.

Jason Roeder:

Receiving far less fanfare yesterday was the Higgs Boston particle, which will beat you senseless over a parking space.


Well personally I'm glad we have a new model of atomic physics. The old one was so bohring

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Aaron Fullerton cautions:

Don't confuse the God Particle (Higgs Boson) with the Gahd Pahticle (Higgs Boston), which also has to do with Mass.

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Nick Rachielles lets us in on the secret:

Higgs-Boston is the particle that explains why there is a Dunkin Donuts on every corner.

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