All that was missing was a piano player

A man charged with renting out rooms in his Roxbury home to prostitutes also supplied beer, condoms and lube, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding the man went right back to renting out rooms for paid sex after he was arrested in April.

Fard Ahmed, 75, was arraigned today on charges of human trafficking and deriving support from prostitution, following his indictment by a Suffolk County grand jury.

According to the DA's office, an undercover Boston police officer busted up Ahmed's bordello at 131 Eustis St. after arranging a meeting with a hooker there on April 8. Police say the woman told police Ahmed charged her $20 for the use of the room. Prosecutors say:

In the building's bedrooms police found several men and women, some of whom admitted to police that they were at the house to engage in prostitution and that they rented the rooms from Ahmed for that purpose. Inside a bedroom believed to be used by Ahmed, officers discovered a ledger documenting the room rentals.

At his arrest, Ahmed made statements to police that he rented out rooms to people who could not afford a hotel and also sold them beer, condoms, and lubricant.

Ahmed was arrested and released on $300 bail. Two days later, officers watched a man enter the house with a woman with a record of prostitution, the DA's office says:

He was arrested again on May 3 and charged with deriving support from prostitution after police stopped a man and woman from entering the Eustis Street address when Ahmed opened the door to allow them inside. The man allegedly told police he was there to engage in sex for a fee, prosecutors said.

Ahmed has prior convictions for rape, possession of a firearm, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and drug offenses.

Prosecutors agreed to let Ahmed out on the same $300 bail he was initially released on.

Innocent, etc.