Carmen Ortiz under fire

WBUR and Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly take a look at our local US Attorney's pre-Swartz record.

Ed. note: Here's an explanation of Rule 29, which the story keeps referencing without explaining to us non-lawyers.


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RIP Aaron Swartz outrage

Already forgotten in the UHub 24 hour news cycle. From a high of 88 comments to my waiting 10 hours to see if anyone would comment on this post.

Well, Carmen, I hope you enjoy Juneau.

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activists' outrage drove the story on social media to

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Activists' outrage drove the story on social media to MSM, Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill. Congresscritters and Senators from east coast to west commented om the tragedy of Swartz' death and concerns about the prosecution.

David Boeri and David Frank are digging through the record of the US Attorney's office under Ortiz' leadership and talking to judges and defense counsel who experienced it firsthand.

At this point, judgments about the quality of her work or systemic problems with Department of Justice prosecutions require digging into these journalist yet anecdotal reports. I'm not surprised that commenting has decreased becuase its complex and we need more information to draw fair conclusions. I'm not disheartened, dvdoff. I hope you are not either.

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