International travelers flock to Revere - to shoot ducks

The Revere Journal reports on what draws the hunters to Revere - and why its state rep wants to keep them out.


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Rumney Marsh

It's not clear from the article whether the duck hunters are shooting only from boats offshore, or also from land positions in Rumney Marsh. If the latter, I'd be a bit concerned about safety on the bike path Revere is about to build next to the marsh (connecting to already-built path sections in neighboring Malden and Saugus).

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My folks live down by the

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My folks live down by the Bear Cove Park south of Boston and they've had big issues with duck hunters there. Apparently, because it's public land, as long as the hunters are below the high-water-mark of the Back River Estuary they're free to fire away. This puts them about 10 feet from a high traffic walkway with folks pushing strollers, walking dogs, and riding bikes (and a couple hundred yards from a residential area).

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