Rash of housebreaks along Hyde Park/Mattapan line

Boston Police are looking for a group of teens that may be responsible for 10 housebreaks over the past couple of months in the area along River Street between Metropolitan and Wood avenues.

The breaks typically occur during daytime and the thieves are not averse to kicking in rear doors or breaking windows to gain entry and steal jewelery, cash and small electronics. In e-mail to the Ross Field Neighborhood Association, police report:

We have some possible suspects involved in this type of incidents and we ask that you watch out for unknown/unfamiliar young black males, usually in groups of 2-3, walking in your neighborhood. The suspects are in the age group of 16-21. These individuals carry backpacks and sometimes walk into yards or driveways. They also may knock on your door to ascertain whether there is anyone home and if not they go to the rear of the home and gain entry. If you are home they will ask for a "friend" who supposedly lives there and then leave. If these individuals or ANY unknown persons are in your neighborhood please Call 911 and allow us to do our jobs.