Mapping shootings in Boston

The city has been posting a lot of municipal data sets, including crime information. 2014 shootings in Boston draws on that data to show you where shootings have happened in Boston this year (also see 2014 murders, which I'll continue to do by hand to provide more than the barebones info in the BPD data).




Cause & Effect

Sad Angry Boys.
Usin Guns For Toys.

Playin Seek And Hide.
Doin Drive Byes In A Stolen Ride.

Blood On Their Hands.
Runnin In Badlands.

Sad Angry Men.
So Sad, So Sad, But Then....

But Then, What Do We Expect?
It's Just Cause and Effect

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They aren't "men". "Men" are

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They aren't "men". "Men" are grown up and civilized.

"Cause and effect". Never growing up because you didn't have real parents and never took any consequences for your actions seriously or outright had your bad behavior condoned -now that is the real cause and effect APATHY.

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