One dead in Revere fire

WCVB reports on the fire last night in an apartment building at 190 Campbell Ave. The Red Cross reports more than 35 people were made homeless.

The victim was 64.

Revere and State Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office are investigating the fire, but a spokesman for the DA's office says:

Although the cause and origin of the fire remain under investigation, there was no preliminary evidence to suggest it was intentionally set.



Oh no! :(

Went by the area and then there were reports that two people may have died, so I went over to the Parkway firehouse to listen to the scanner and see Chelsea, Melrose, Everett, and Boston covering it. Heard then the chief said there were no known injuries/fatalities so I decided to walk over to the actual scene. It was amazing how many responders were crammed in on all the surrounding streets, it gave a whole new appreciation for the logistics that news reports and pictures just don't do justice for.

Sad to hear someone did die, though. Kind of wish I hadn't been gawking now that I know. :(

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