Poor Patty Campatelli: Somebody's always hacking her Facebook page

A non-existent endorsement from Elizabeth Warren wasn't the only thing that showed up on Patty Campatelli's campaign Facebook page over the weekend. Somebody who follows the page forwarded the following screen capture. Like the Warren endorsement, these are now scrubbed from the page:

Patty Campatelli doesn't like Sonia Chang-Diaz

The last time something like this happened, in 2012, Campatelli said one of her campaign workers probably posted the offending items. She might have a similar excuse this time: On Aug. 20, she posted:

How do you report a problem with Facebook? I lost my phone found it a day later with some crazy messages.....changed me password? Is there anything else I can do? Verizon reimbursed me $1100.00 dollars a couple of months ago as there were 4 lines on my account that were not mine.....could this be it.... where can I report this? Thank you.....really don't want to close Facebook if I don't have to....thanks again



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