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Your tattoos, selfies, and iris scans may soon be the property of the FBI

Biometrics Identity Management Agency


That selfie you just posted to Instagram might end up in the FBI’s brand new face recognition database, searchable by your local law enforcement agency. Other things the federal government wants to put in that database include photos of your tattoos, an image of your iris, details about how you walk, your DNA, and a recording of your voice, among other unique identifiers. It’s all part of the FBI, DHS, and Department of Defense’s plan to know everything there is to know about our physical bodies. This isn't your grandparents' fingerprint technology. [...]

The FBI has been plowing full steam ahead with its plans to destroy anonymity and privacy in public, but it doesn't have to be this way. Anything human beings build, we can destroy. And we have a good chance of doing it if we work from the ground, up. If you're concerned about the expansion of privacy invasive tools like biometric monitoring, reach out to your local city council. Ask for hearings on the use of biometrics at your police department. The only way to reverse the tide of a swelling surveillance state that threatens to wash away our democracy is to swim hard against the current until it starts to turn.

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