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Minister was fired from English High for pushing a student, but not the one he allegedly shot

The day he allegedly shot a male student, Shaun Harrison was fired from his job at English High School for pushing a female student involved in an altercation at the school two days earlier, Mayor Walsh's office says.

Walsh this afternoon released a snapshot of the city's initial investigation into Rev. Shaun Harrison's work record in the Boston Public Schools from the time he was first hired as a youth mentor at the South Boston Education Complex under an external grant in 2005 to his firing last week.

The initial review of Mr. Harrison’s employment history shows no evidence that would have linked him to criminal activity during the time he was employed with BPS.

Harrison was disciplined three times:

  • November 2012: received a written warning for pushing a student and throwing a roll of tape at the student while working at Boston Green Academy.
  • December 2012: received a written reprimand for inappropriate comments made to two students at the end of November at Boston Green Academy.
  • March 5, 2015: terminated following an incident on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 in which he was involved in a verbal altercation that resulted in him pushing a female student following a fight among students at English High School.

The mayor added:

As the criminal investigation continues, BPS is undertaking a more thorough inquiry of Mr. Harrison’s employment history that will involve interviews with the school leaders he worked for as well as staff he worked with at each of the schools where he was employed.

Harrison's complete job history with BPS:

  • 9/7/2010 – 8/27/11 - Paraprofessional, Odyssey High School, South Boston
  • 8/27/11 - 8/23/14 - Community Field Coordinator, Boston Green Academy, South Boston/Brighton
  • 8/23/14 – 1/5/15 – Paraprofessional, Orchard Gardens Pilot School, Roxbury
  • 1/5/15 – 3/5/15 – Coordinator (a.k.a Dean of Academy), English High School, Jamaica Plain

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man got the job title of Dean of Academy is completely beyond me, since he has no background in education. It makes me worried about what kind of vetting goes on at individual schools and how this got by the HR (Human Capital) Dept.

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This is all BS tell us the truth in the story of how Mr Chips turned into Scarface

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The minute this story came out, my wife the teacher commented that he must have screwed up royally at his former school to get a mid year transfer.

I expect that after 2 written warnings in 2 months a couple of years ago he was on very thin ice and the administration was looking for a reason to get rid of him. The principal at English had to know this guy was a difficult employee and would hopefully have been keeping an eye on him.

Speculating even more, perhaps the frustration of finally losing his job contributed to his taking it out on the kid who got shot. Or who knows, maybe he had it in for the kid all along and the firing was coincidental.

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to carry guns, this wouldn't have...no, wait, that isn't right.

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