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Three arrested at West Roxbury pipeline site

Resist the Pipeline reports three protesters were arrested yesterday when they blocked the entrance to the site where Spectra Energy is building a "metering and regulating" station to transfer natural gas from the Algonquin Gas Transmission pipeline Spectra is building from Westwood to West Roxbury.

The three were charged with disturbing the peace, in the first protest arrests against the pipeline since last fall.

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Sorry i have work!

Also, "The resistance resumes" ya because the dweeb walking himself into the back of the wagon is putting up one hell of a fight.

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Or are you just taking a break while your mom heats up some pizza bites?

Civil resistance doesn't have to mean being combative to the police - they're not the bad guys in this scenario, and if they're treating the protesters with a modicum of respect, I would expect the protesters to do the same.

The intent of protests like this is to gum up the works enough to get attention from a broader audience and to reduce the project ROI for Spectra to the point where they are compelled (if not morally, then fiscally) to reconsider.

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E-5 released you fast!

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