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DA: Doctors' killer was waiting for them in their building

Bampunim Teixeira, 30, was again ordered held without bail on charges he murdered two doctors in their South Boston condo in May.

Teixeira was arraigned today for the second time for the murders of Lina Bolanos and Richard Field, this time following his indictment by a Suffolk County grand jury on two counts each of first-degree murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping by confinement, and one count of armed home invasion.

The Suffolk County District Attorneys office reports a witness spotted Teixeira - who once worked in the Macallen Building on Dorchester Avenue where the doctors lived - around 2:40 p.m. - several hours before he allegedly got into the doctors' 11th-floor unit, bound them and then murdered them.

Shortly after 8:30 pm, the concierge at the building’s front desk contacted Boston Police to report a call he had received from a friend of a resident. The concierge reported that this friend had received a text message from Field telling him to call 911 for a man armed with a gun in his home. This same friend moments later called Boston Police directly and recounted the same plea for help.

Officers responded to the scene and proceeded to the 11th floor, where they observed a set of keys on the floor in the hallway outside the victims’ door. After knocking, announcing themselves, and receiving no response, they used the keys to access the residence.

After announcing themselves once again inside the darkened residence, one of the officers spotted an unknown person later identified as Teixeira dressed in dark clothing, and - believing this person either pointed or fired a weapon at them – two officers discharged their own weapons, injuring him. The officers provided first aid to Teixeira, who was wearing gloves, outside the apartment. He allegedly stated that another person would open fire on the officers if they went back inside.

Innocent, etc..

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But is there some underlying mental issue, or some other 'thing' that drove him to do this? I'm by no means trying to justify or explain what he did, there is no justification or explanation. But it seems like this 'he just went crazy' narrative pops up on weekly basis now. Are there really that many crazy people walking around? Is there something in the drugs or water?

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A lot of this started when they closed the mental institutions, cut funding for treatment, and never created the community system that was supposed to replace the institutional system.

Mentally ill folk are not any more likely to be violent than the general population ... but more mentally ill folk dumped onto the streets, not receiving evaluation and treatment in jail because those funds were also cut, etc. means more incidents like this.


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on all sides of the fence. And this 'progressive' blue state has nothing to be proud of on this subject.

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