Not just some hot air: MIT to build new wind tunnel

MIT said today it will replace its current Wright Brothers wind tunnel with a new, beefier Wright Brothers wind tunnel that will feature winds of up to 200 m.p.h., up from the current 150 m.p.h. and which could, among other things, aid in the development of new types of drones.

Boeing is helping to fund the project to replace the current wind tunnel, which has been in operation for 80 years now.



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I'm confused...

Is Boeing funding the project in hopes of improving the drones they overcharge the DoD eventually for? So isn't the DoD really funding it? Also, when will they be replacing the wind tunnel known as the Media Lab?

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New Wind Tunnels Are NOT Common

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Thanks Adam for publishing this.

Reality: Wind tunnels cost money to (a) build, and (b) operate/maintain (take up space and need support staff). NASA has shut down several in the past few years.

If Boeing is kicking in funding, you can bet that this WT fills a need.

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A need for what?

A need for MIT to continue being the training ground for the military industrial complex by being the largest recipient of DoD money in academia?

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and what's wrong with that, exactly? MIT has produced some fine people, like our own Sw...ooooh...

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Boeing is an Asset to the U.S.

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Boeing sells more planes outside the U.S. than inside, resulting in a trade surplus.

Currently Boeing uses wind tunnels in Europe (at NLR, the Netherlands Lab). I'd prefer that work be done in the U.S.

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