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This is not the week to be disparaging NoBosOlympics, The Mayor Walsh Interview

The mayor answered questions about the Olympics, Indy Car, Boston Schools, and Winthrop Square in an interview today on Greater Boston.


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Mayor Marty Walsh and his staff confirmed to the Business Journal this week that City Hall never reviewed last winter’s formal bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics in Boston. That's a problem.

If what the city says is true, then Walsh volunteered Boston’s taxpayers to potentially back hundreds-of-millions of dollars in spending to support an Olympics plan that his team never vetted. It means the city signed off on a $25 million insurance policy that indemnifies Boston for Olympics cost overruns — again, without ever seeing what, specifically, they were indemnifying. It also means the mayor has not been entirely truthful when affirming that City Hall stress-tested the bid before it was submitted to the U.S. Olympic Committee last December.

How do we know this? Because the BBJ and other media in town have flooded City Hall in recent weeks with a tsunami of public records requests seeking the very information Walsh has referenced when discussing the bid. Failure to fulfill those requests would be a violation of state law if Walsh or any of his staffers reviewed the Olympics materials in question, regardless of how they were presented or formatted.

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