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Two-alarm fire at South Boston project injures firefighter

Firefighters at South Boston project

UPDATE: BFD blames an unattended fryolator.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded around 4:20 p.m. to 66 Orton Marotta Way in the West Broadway project for what turned into a two-alarm fire in a first-floor apartment.

No residents were injured, but one firefighter suffered a shoulder injury, the department says.

Six people were displaced and damage was estimated at $100,000. The cause is under investigation.

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Adam, It hasn't been called a project in years. It used to be called the D Street project. It's been called the West Broadway Housing Development for several years now. All the new Yuppies are paying big money for their condo's on several streets that border the housing development. They would never buy property near a project. (lol)

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the jake is well and the families can recover some normalcy.

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I thought the PC term is housing development.
Somebodies asleep at the wheel Adam

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