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Uphams Corner library shut after bedbug found

The Globe reports workers had been complaining about bug bites for months.

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I've seen bugs infest a bookshelf of paperbacks at a private house before, when the owner carried the entire shelf and books onto their lawn. The bugs treated small gaps between sheets along the edges of the books as crevices in which to hide or to leave eggs. Pretty much all the books had bugs visible in their edges. With hardcovers, gaps inside the binding and under the jacket are more hidden.

I guess the professionals are probably going to kill all the bugs and eggs with heat.

Library workers who may have eggs or bugs hitchhike home should toss all their clothing and textiles they can in the dryer on high.

With the heavy inter-library loan that goes on with the convenient web interface, every library in the network should examine their areas where books from Uphams Corner were likely to pass.

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