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Area around Turtle Pond being searched for missing Winthrop man

UPDATE: Nothing found, Steve Cooper at WHDH reports.

WCVB reports that State Police are combing land around Turtle Pond off Enneking Parkway for Joseph Brancato, 21, last seen several weeks ago on Mendelssohn Street in Roslindale, where he was staying with a Marine recruiter. NECN reports that among the agencies that sent investigators to the area is NCIS, which investigates possible criminal activity in the Marine Corps.


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self deleted as redundant to original post

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Not that I have ever watched any of the NCIS shows, but based on the endless commercials during Pats games......

Neil McDonough and Michael Bivins as the leads?

Holly Hunter returning to form with the Worst Boston Accent Ever that she used in Once Around as the smart team leader?

Jimmy Tingle as the area FBI director in Washington who used to command McDonough and Bivins in Iraq back in 2004?

Steve Sweeney as "Murph" the affable local bartender.

General John Kelly as the Marine Commander once he needs a new job after he punches Trump after a cabinet meeting?

In all seriousness, I hope this kid from Winthrop is OK and that this is a big misunderstanding.

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I hope he is found safe.

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