Downtown hotel to shut for a year of renovations

The Langham Hotel announced today it will be shutting March 31 for a year:

We will undergo an extensive renovation to reposition the property as one of the top historic hotels in the country.

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the attached office building at One Post Office Square is also going through a major renovation at the same time.

In the end it will be a much nicer office tower with a roof top restaurant.

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I love their lobby, looks

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I love their lobby, looks like a visit is in order before they close.

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It's not a historic hotel. It

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It's not a historic hotel. It was built in 1981, so it's less historic than I am.

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The old Federal Reserve Building

built in 1922, is now the Langham. It was given Boston Landmark status in 1978. Are you thinking of another hotel?

It's a significant building.

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