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The Green Line problem of the hour once more is something with power

UPDATE, 3:30 p.m. The power problems persist and are now affecting the Riverside line, too.

The MBTA reports "minor" delays on the C Line due to yet another unspecified power problem. Robinec helps define "minor":

I've been on the C line for more than 30 minutes now and we’re still not even underground.


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Schedule Adjustments > Fire, Power Outage
Minor Delay > Add One Hour
GM Expertise > GE Exec Spouse Needed A Job
Station Enhancement > Pedestrian Tunnel Collapse
MassDOT Sec Expertise > Baker Donor Spouse N-A-J
Shoddy Ferry Station > Monumental Harbor Ice
Pipe Burst > Clean Station Floors AKA Winterization
T Improvement > System is Running Above 50%
Needed West Station Cuts > Needed GLX Funding
Blame Keolis > Major T Fail, Need Distraction

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