Man arrested for attacking a child at Brookline playground

Brookline suspect

Brookline Police report arresting a man on a charge of assault and battery on a child for an incident Monday at a playground in Brookline Village, after posting his photos on the department Twitter feed.

NBC Boston reports Christian Amaral, 23, of Newton, allegedly wanted to teach a little kid not to abuse animals, such as the boy's hamster, so he picked the kid up by the neck and dropped him to the ground.

Innocent, etc.





More details?

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Did he perhaps hit his own kid at the park? (That doesn't make it better, just less random.)

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It doesn't say he hit his

It doesn't say he hit his kid. It could have been just a minor we don't know unless they give us more details.

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Police said neither of the children knew Amaral.

It's unclear when Amaral will appear in court or if he has an attorney.

A Massachusetts man is facing charges in connection with the assault of a child at a playground in Brookline.

Christian Amaral, 23, of Newton, was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault and battery on a child in connection with an incident at the Pierce Elementary School playground on Monday, according to Brookline Police.

Authorities said a child under 12 and his friend were playing with a pet hamster and giving it water when Amaral went up to a victim and grabbed him by the neck, lifting him up and telling him not to hurt animals. Amaral allegedly then dropped the child to the ground.

The child was hurt but the extent of his injuries was unclear.

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The NECN article above

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The NECN article above mentions that tidbit. "The authorities" were the ones that said they were giving it water.

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He did not beat up the kid.

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He allegedly picked him up by the neck and dropped him.

Yes, it does not make it right, he should not of touched him. But it sounds like he may be suffering from mental illness.

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Try learning the law

It's assault and battery - plain and simple. So far the only signs I see of mental illness is your comment.

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