Redcoats to re-occupy Boston

British soldiers disembarking on Long Wharf

Soldiers disembarking on Long Wharf in 1768. See it larger.

Some 250 years ago today, ships carrying British soldiers to a restive Boston moved into the inner harbor in preparation for landing. This coming Saturday, modern-day re-enactors will step off a boat at Long Wharf, march to Boston Common and begin the city's occupation all over again.

The two-day Boston Occupied is a project of Revolution 250, a consortium of local historical groups looking to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the start of the Revolution in 2026.

Engraving from the BPL.



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The locals on islands will burn the salt hay

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I can never remember if it was Bumpkin or Grape Island, but somewhere down Hingham way, the British planned to occupy an island being farmed for salt hay. The Massholes weren't having it and burned the entire crop/island/structures. The colonists' horses and cattle might starve on the mainland, but goddammit, the lobstahbacks weren't going to have a blade to feed their horses with.

That happened just before the time that the British blew up Boston Light on their way out.

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