Roslindale pool closed after HVAC system fails

The Roslindale Community School Council reports the Flaherty Pool had to be shut this weekend after the heating and ventilation system failed, and that it could be weeks before it's fixed.

The pool got a multi-million-dollar rehab in 2013.



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Renovation was in 2012

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The rebuild was installed between fall of 2011 and summer of 2012.

The pool was closed like many non-essential city buildings during the snow emergency last week but when they returned on Saturday morning the HVAC system was not working. As a result the pool had to be closed to public access that day.

Come Monday morning, the city was in process of getting the required HVAC contractor scheduled to come in to see what the issue is. The unit is located on the roof of the lobby section of the building.

The lobby and changing areas have heat so there is little risk of pipes freezing. The unit that failed removes moisture from the pool deck air. Without that the humid environment against the cold wall surfaces results in moisture forming on the interior walls and deck making for an unsafe situation.

As soon as we know more we will advise.

Dennis K.

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