When all houses had clothes lines

Old house with outdoor laundry in Bostonh

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.





No hints?

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This is a particularly hard one. Can't you give us a clue?

Some clues in the photo

1. the house appears to have been built around 1850-1870 given the proportions, construction, and duplex set up
2. they are still using shutters
3. the laundry items appear consistent with clothing from around 1880-1910
4. no cars in the photo, and the streets around it are tiny
5. some sort of brick workshop behind the house - blacksmith? Cooper? Farrier?

I'm guessing that it is somewhere that developed rapidly in the 1860-1900 time frame, and not in any place in the central city or Charlestown or North End or West End where brick was far more common and stuff was packed in more. Possibly JP sometime in the 1880s?

EDIT: here's one example of a similar building on Granada Park.

65 Pleasant Street 02125?

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65 Pleasant Street 02125 immediately popped into my head however the background buildings are no longer at the current address

Hip Roof

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The house in the picture does not have a hip roof.

Only a gut feeling.

Charlestown, somewhere between City Square and Thompson Square, Main Street or Warren Street.

Weird that the shutters are all closed up on the first floor with the two doors ajar. You would think on Wash day, you would air out the place.

WHAT, is that thing climbing on the rear left side of the house near the foundation?

It's a horse's head,

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maybe pulling a milk wagon. By the length of the shadows and the leaves on the trees I think it was taken in early morning or approaching dusk. Milk horses would be around in the AM, junk wagons later in the day. If it's early AM, maybe the people on the first floor are still asleep. I think it's Roxbury before 1925.

Thanks for playing, folks!

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Thanks for playing, folks! This photo shows a home behind the Norfolk Car House in Roxbury. The Car House was on Dunlow Street (which no longer exists) in Eliot Square. The year is circa 1901-1905. We know its not later than February 1905.