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Acton Kmart to close, leaving greater Boston bereft of Kmarts

The owner of the Incredible Shrinking Sears and KMart announced more closings yesterday, in a move that will mean eastern Massachusetts will be Kmart-free save for one remaining outlet in Hyannis.

H/t Ron Newman.

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going to get his boxer shorts? Hanes 32

Somerville has a couple more weeks left. They don't know the exact closing date, but it will be before Thanksgiving.

You can still go the cape to shop at Kmart

I went to the Somerville K-Mart a couple of weeks ago - it was such a total mess that I left five minutes after I arrived. Everything looked picked over and was wholly disorganized.

Hopefully, something good will move into there.

at least in its final weeks. I'm not sure when Somerville's final day will be, but it will close before Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, Sunday November 17, is the last day for the Somerville Kmart. There isn't a whole lot of merchandise left. After Sunday, they will be open for three more days solely to sell off fixtures.

R.I.P. S. S. Kresge
Another local department store turned into a generic 'mart' warehouse retailer and ultimately destroyed by hedge fund looters and arrogant MBAs ignoring decades of warning signs that they weren't catering to their customer base. Eddie Lampert in particular has a special place in Hell awaiting him.


I remember the Kresge's on pre-Downtown Crossing Washington Street at the corner of Bromfield. There was a Neisner's also. Grants, Raymond's. Of course Jordan Marsh and Filene's (FUH-leens to an older generation of Bostonian women). In the pre-Amazon, pre-internet world you could get anything you needed there and then have a Sundae on a silver platter in Bailey's.

was a national, not a local, chain, even before they started Kmart in 1962. The chains were headquartered in Michigan.

Are we really complaining about a change that happened over 40 years ago?

but KMart's been crap ever since they changed their name from Kresge's.