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Anti-tobacco activists seek tax on e-cigarettes

The BU News Service reports they think a heavy tax, like 75%, would help curb teen vaping.

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To cut down on teen vaping, ban flavoring.


The adults in their life should start confiscating them and tossing them in the trash. Caught vaping in school? It goes in the principal's trash. Caught vaping at home? Mom or Dad stomps it and puts it in the trash, then implements groundings/bag searches/whatever works best in their household.


OK Ward Cleaver.. I'm sure that worked well for Wally and the Beav.. but its 2019. Good luck with that, kids will just get another one.


This is pretty dumb. Nicotine doesn't cause cancer; smoke does. Nicotine is probably one of the best studied drugs, so it's pretty disingenuous to claim we don't know anything about the effects on the young. I don't see the legislators getting all upset about caffeine, another stimulant with marketing/packaging/flavoring targeted at young people.


It falls considerably behind others like heart disease, which is linked to the nicotine content as well as the particulate matter. Heart disease affects far more smokers and vapers than lung cancer ever will.

Nicotine is not a harmless drug. It is well studied, and studies show how harmful it is. That isn't true with caffeine, which studies generally show to harmless.

It helps if you actually look up the research: https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2018/02/409916/smoking-e-cigarettes-daily-doub...


You have linked to this article before. It’s all horsesh*t - inaccurately stating the conclusions of the study, sampling only cigarette smokers vaping on the side, no accounting for the 100 other factors skewing the results. Even the study itself admits that we shouldn’t draw conclusions about its results. These aren’t controlled trials SwirlyGrrl. It’s crap funded by an anti tobacco group. Good grief.

I had you ranked as a Top 5 Poster but after this naivety you are Top 10, barely. Have you been doing drugs or had any recent head trauma? Even elementary schools kids know about the scientific method.


You'll be happy to know that the authors are not liberal arts majors.

I think everyone here agrees that every recreational drug is bad for developing brains and that is the only thing that article is decently stating.

The goalposts WERE that nicotine is harmful to adults.

It is an alkaloid, a poison, and if you use too much you are gonna do things like put stress on organs or even die, depending on the dose. Luckily the sweet spot us humans enjoy is below where it is putting stress on organs. Headaches and nausea stop us. Mr Nibbles in the lab cannot say "whoa stop, nobody enjoys this" so of course they can get hideous results. You can, and people do, way more damage with sugar than nicotine in the scope of taxing your systems to an early grave.

So we have retreated from saying e cigarettes quadruples the risk of heart disease in everyone to this study which states “hey, we found some biological associations in rodents suggesting e cigarettes with nicotine could be a gateway drug for adolescents.” Yeah ok.

The paper is full of chatter about the developing adolescent brain. Yeah, we know all this. Adding a stimulus to an adolescent brain makes fMRI charts go all over the place and dopamine increase. Nicotine does this but so does Fortnight, Internet Posting, Axe body spray, or a stiff breeze.

Also, this paper is epidemiological, Chief. Looking at the faces of the authors (bunch of weirdos posing for a photo, who does that?), it wouldn’t surprise me if they took all sorts of liberties in their citations, but I don’t have time to fisk each one. I have too much internet posting to do.

Cranky, don’t try to read scientific articles. You need something more your speed. If you want to know about this topic, just google “is nicotine bad for you?”


Being addicted to tobacco is quite different from using caffeine.

Few coffee drinkers users regret picking up the habit.

A tax will encourage a black market. Black markets + teenagers usually = teens murdering each other.

Why not let people deal with the consequences of their own choices and stop trying to legislate morality at best, or justify a naked money grab at worst?

"I don't like what they're doing, so I want for their money to be forcibly taken from them."

What a complete mental illness, and it would be even if the entity taking the money actually did something worthwhile with it.

Pretty fucking awful you think this is proposal substantiates a "mental illness" considering use of nicotine products is a choice, thus blowing up your assertion that anyone is having money "forcibly taken from them."

getting that one past Martha Coakley!!!

I get the concern, I think there's been a mild uptick in kids taking up vapes rather than smoking… but its also keeping them off much more harmful cigarettes and helping tons of older, long time smokers kick the habit.

75% tax is utterly insane. How quickly we forget Eric Garner.