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Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology to move from South End to Harrison Avenue in Roxbury

The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology announced today it has purchased the former Harrison Supply Co. site at 1011 Harrison Ave., off Melnea Cass Boulevard, to create its new home, one that will include "an advanced manufacturing center and walk-in optical shop" among its other features.

The school, which grants two-year degrees in technical trades, and with a history that dates to a bequest by its namesake - matched with a grant by Andrew Carnegie at the turn of the 20th century - will pay for the new 50,000 building by selling off its current building on Berkeley Street in the South End.

The institute hopes to move into its new building in the fall of 2021. It will continue to use its Berkeley Street building until then.



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I guess people and institutions these days want to say they are in Dudley Square, but I wouldn't really call this location part of Dudley.

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It's literally 1 1/2 blocks away from Dudley T stop. This is what you're focusing on?

I think the real focus should be on the rehab of that building. From the outside it looks to be in very bad shape. And I worry that those costs could get them in trouble. But hopefully they had smart people performing their due diligence.

And good! I'm glad to see something happen to bring that corner back to life. It's been a sad state of disrepair, even while there was a dog day care there.

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I think the Institute is pretty well funded. While I don't know anything about this project, based on the looks of the existing building, I'm guessing that they plan to raze what's there and build something brand new.

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New construction. Building reuse. It doesn't matter. Somehow someway BFIT is unaware that Methadone Mile expands for blocks along Cass all the way to Washington. Dozens of MMers in tents shooting up right next to the new BFIT.

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The more this area is developed and the less abandoned and empty it is, the less it will be attractive to drug addicts.

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My friends at the HQ walk out to a tent city and needle garden every week. New development on Cass doesn't change a thing. De-concentrating the clinics and shelters around Mass & Cass: that's the only resolution.

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The building definitely needs to be razed. I shopped there fairly often when Harrison Supply was there and it was always a nerve-wracking experience, wondering when the roof was going to collapse. I'm sad the hardware store left, it was nice to be able to shop a local business rather than Home Depot, but it will be great to see life breathed into that lot again.

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They will be missed in the South End.
I recommend a visit to the current building to anyone who hasn’t seen the beautiful lobby with murals, ironwork and the auditorium with Symphony Hall acoustics.
More luxury condos coming?
I really hope the public spaces will be preserved for the public.

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I tried to download Grump Cat frowning "NO!!!" but it didn't take. No meaning no, nothing will be preserved. Not Doyle's, Not Shreve's, Not Dudley Square, NOT NOTHING!! Just build more lego housing.

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According to today's Globe, Franklin Institute is paying $6 million to buy the site, a site that a Wellesley holding company paid $3.45 million for just last January. Have prices jumped 50% in just 9 months along Melnea Cass and Harrison, and if so, why?

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it is the new hotel across the street (with a cross fit gym on the 1st floor), the revamped Tropical market up the street, the forthcoming plans to 'fix' Melnea Cass by tearing down a lot of the trees along the sidewalk and bikeway, the renovations to the Madison Melnea Cass Apartments, the future new construction in and around Dudley Sq proper? There's been a bunch (technical term) of construction in the area. People are betting on the area.

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