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Cambridge teen charged with knocking out woman and robbing her in Kendall Square

Cambridge Police report a woman walking on Loughery Walkway was "struck in the head with a blunt object" by a guy on a bicycle around 10:45 p.m. on Saturday. A passerby found her bleeding from the head and called police.

Officers were able to obtain photos of the attack from a nearby business's surveillance camera and began searching the area for the suspect, police say, adding not long after, officers found a guy wearing clothing matching the suspect's in the video on Fifth Street:

An interview was conducted and a search of the suspect’s apartment was executed. The bicycle was found in the rear yard of the suspect’s apartment along with clothing seen on the video. Additionally, the victim’s property was found in a nearby trash barrel.

The suspect was also found to be in possession of a double-edged knife

The suspect, 16 and so too young to have his name released, was charged with aggravated assault and unarmed robbery - as well as unlawful possession of a deadly weapon for the double-edged knife police say they found on him.

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All this transpired between 10:45 last night and this morning? Well done, Cambridge Police. I generally have mixed feelings about our surveillance society, but cases like this argue for more cameras, not fewer. To reap maximum deterrence value, (alleged) scumbags like this guy need to feel they're on-camera everywhere.

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Gaining quick access to the surveillance evidence is becoming a key part of how these crimes are solved - fast enough to identify the perpetrator while the evidence is still available. Even if the politicians resist cameras in public places, having privately-owned cameras in many places and establishing good relations between police and property/business owners goes a long way.

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Happy to see he was caught. Props to good surveillance system

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Does a 16 year old begin his criminal career with a ride by brain injury? Not likely. Probably already been through the juvie system. So much for rehabilitation and the Cambridge school system.

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You just speculated, and then formed a conclusion based on that.

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You *probably* don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

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Knocked to the ground also.
In Cambridge
She was 15.

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I was thinking of posting a couple hours ago "in before Bostnkid" ...that incident was my first thought, too - sounds way too similar.

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Also the murder of Paul Wilson.

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Isn't "hitting someone with a blunt object, robbing them, then running away" a pretty basic M.O.?

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Common? Not really.

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I would like to wish the Survivor the best in the recovery.

By the way when people survived incidents they're no longer victims they are Survivors.

This 16 year old individual doesn't need prison time. This 16 year old need a thorough psychological and sociological evaluation.

We need to stop learning how a sixteen-year-old comes to this point in his life and it doesn't take prison to do that.

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