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Sneaky rainbow

Sneaky rainbow

Daniel Rothenberg spotted a subtle rainbow over the Charles River late this afternoon.

Georgy Cohen saw it, too:

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Can't tell for sure, but that might be a sundog. If it is on the side of the sky closest to the sun, it is.

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The phenomenon is called a sundog.


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Once again, a registered member is made to look like an echo, because of the way anon comments are handled. They wait for Adam's review, and are then posted with their original time of submission. No one can see them until he approves them, so registered members' comments made in the interval (which are posted immediately) wind up looking redundant. Maybe anon comments' posting time, rather than submission time, could be applied?

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I don't have the photo with me, but it was also seen from a playground in Newtonville.

My daughter pointed it out with an excited "Rainbow!"

Between that and the awesome sunset last night, it was quite the sky show yesterday.

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from Western Ave in Allston. Sent me a pic, looked quite bright from her vantage point.

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