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Citizen complaint of the day: Stupid helicopters

A disgusted citizen files a complaint with 311 about the situation over the beach at M Street:

Can you stop these helicopters from hovering over the beach. They are loud & obnoxious and interfering with my sunbathing and tranquility.

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I wonder how Houaghton's Pond is doing?

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I've gone past a couple of times in the last 7-10 days - during daytime on weekdays.
No restrooms.
No concessions.
I don't know but I assume not open for swimming - even if nothing to do with Covid, lifeguards wouldn't have been on yet and water cold.
Parking lots at least half full.
Lots of people walking or hiking.
A few just trying to get some sun.

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It's Houghton's Pond. And I wonder how Ponkapoag Pond is doing.

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I live off rte 135 Dedham and they were circling around for easily one hour one morning, then voila same thing next day. It was in a busy commercial area, but they were low and there were quite a few. During covid, this doesn't fall under pandemic mania, need to know.

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Just how large is the shadow from these helicopters?

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by buzzing around like oversized mosquitoes.

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How; unless your outdoor activity includes flying something in the same airspace as the helicopter or trying to skygaze in the precise space being occupied by the helicopter?

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Why are people so crazy about aircraft flying overhead?
FB and 311 are full of post about them. They are acting like they’re UFOs.

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I would love to ban news helicopters in Boston altogether. They are incredibly loud and obnoxious and you can hear them from miles around. The media should just use drones instead if they want to get aerial shots.

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