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The empty city: A Faneuil Hall performer without an audience

Lonely performer in front of the Quincy Market building

Kevin Wiles, Jr. ran across Joey LeBlanc outside Faneuil Hall today:

Street performer Joey LeBlanc continues to serenade an empty Faneuil Hall outside of Quincy Market. "I just love to sing and bring happiness to people, no matter how few there are." He tells me he's made a few tips today, "at least enough to buy dinner later..."


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I took a nice long walk to my local caffeination station and observed the following about social distancing:

1. in order to keep the spacing, you have to acknowledge the existence of other people. This leads to friendly greetings.

2. Social distancing means meeting neighbors whom I have never met (at a distance of 6+ feet), because everyone is home and puttering about their yards.

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People seem friendlier and more likely to make eye contact. It's like people kind of feel like, "We're all in this together."

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Funny coming home and seeing people doing yardword and kids playing outside. It's like the 80s are back.

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Durgin Park is offering takeout fare - an autographed photo of Don Rickles for each customer.

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I thought that Durgin Park went out of business and closed its doors quite awhile ago. If they are offering takeout fare, that's cool.

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Looks like times have been tough for Joey LeBlanc since Friends ended.

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straighten that picture? I'm getting seasick, lol.

I've actually been seeing this a lot, (even in the Globe, as a former Globie that irks me); and don't understand why, it takes less than 30 seconds to straighten, you can do it on your phone, even.

Or maybe people could hold the camera level.

(Sorry/rant, the cabin fever is strong this morning.)

PS: the front of Quincy Market needs a power washing.

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