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ER doctor reflects on the new reality

Dr. Tom Seufert is an emergency-room physician at Cambridge Hospital. He recently wrote about the new reality:

It caught up to me driving home from an early COVID-19 shift. I recalled how one of our techs, wordly as they come after twenty years in the ER, asked me out of the blue whether it was normal that she was having bouts of anxiety before her shifts now, when she’d had nothing like it before. I told her yes, that I suspected all of us were having those feelings. Certainly, I’d noticed a quiet strain pervading just about everything lately. But it was only in the car, tears welling in my eyes at some stoplight, that I was able to name the feeling we were all trying to work through.

It’s horror.

Via KevinMD.com.




I have constant anxiety now, and I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from home. I think this current situation has more uncertainty packed into it than anything most of us are used to experiencing.

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Workers always feel anxious. It's the nature of the job. You're trying to heal people who are sick.
Will they get better?

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