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Former School Committee member from West Roxbury running for council seat O'Malley is giving up

Mary Tamer

She may be from West Roxbury, but this photo from the Tamer campaign shows she knows how to get to the Jamaica Pond gazebo.

Mary Tamer, who served four years on the Boston School Committee, announced this morning she's running for the city council in District 6 (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury and a bits of Roslindale and Mission Hill).

Her announcement comes a week after incumbent Councilor Matt O'Malley announced he would not be running for re-election next year. Kendra Hicks of Jamaica Plain began running for the seat earlier this year.

In addition to serving on the School Committee between 2010 and 2014 - as the only committee member at the time with children in BPS schools - Tamer is a past president of the Boston League of Women Voters. She is also a product of Boston public schools, including Boston Latin School.

Right now, Bostonians are facing so many challenges -- parents juggling work with remote learning and children learning under difficult circumstances, seniors unable to see their families and loved ones, and small businesses and restaurants struggling to survive. As City Councilor, I will stand up for our communities and ensure we are doing more to mitigate every aspect of this pandemic locally and provide our residents with the resources they need.

She added she would also take up the environmental battles for which O'Malley was a leader on the council.



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Tamer has been a strong charter school advocate which turns me off. Hicks is definitely too radical calling to abolish the police and whatever else. I’d like to see someone run as a progressive who is pragmatic. Hoping more candidates get in.

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I'm still voting for Kendra Hicks. Mary Tamer may have some good ideas, but at the end of the day I think she will support the Mayor and we need a city council that will challenge the Mayor.

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Tamer and Walsh are bitter and sworn enemies. She was high ranking in John Connolly’s camp in 2013 and initially refused to step down from the school committee when Walsh’s term started. However I’m still voting for Hicks personally.

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Voted for the “close to home plan”
Works for schoolfinder dot com
the last thing we need on the city council is someone who wants to dismantle true public schools

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Why did you not wear a coat candidate?

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She's a native Bostonian and worse a BLS Grad.

Native Boston people are dumb and have smelly armpits. The people of JP are superior because they were philosophy and poetry majors at college after growing up in nice suburban towns.

What would a person who grew up in Boston know about how life really is to represent these special people?

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