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In Marblehead, a 911 caller was having nun of it

Wicked Local Marblehead reports that on Feb. 20, somebody called 911 to report a nun walking out of a store. Yeah, and? Well, "it wasn’t a correct uniform for this time" and the caller wanted to alert police "how out of place the nun appeared not wearing the typical garb."

H/t Stefan E.

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The caller had probably just seen The Town and was understandably worried about their local bank https://www.irishcentral.com/uploads/article/122432/The_Town_boston_movi...

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After all, that Nun looked just like the (very different order) Nun that robbed the bank last week!

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Worth noting that there are a host of "habits" worn by religious orders that may not fit the more-commonly seen apparel. Also, not all religious garb is worn by Roman Catholic nuns. There are Episcopalian orders that still have the habit and even a few evangelical lay orders that wear some kind of specific garb.

Of course, many religious orders have also dispensed with the so-named "habit" in modern times.

Members of the LDS Church (Mormon) that have been received in the Temple are given a set of religious garments that are supposed to be worn underneath one's street clothing. It is symbolic and a reminder of their station as a minister of their faith (both men and women). So they are wearing their garments but are not seen.

Of course, wearing a religious habit is usually a good way of getting a seat on the subway or getting the doors opened for you. Food for thought. :-)

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Maybe she was wearing the old style uniform out of habit?

(Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

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The link isn't exactly "bad" in the usual way, but you have to register at the site to read any articles at all.

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There have been a lot of weird sitcoms with a lot of weird premises, but this one was in somewhat of a class by itself.

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