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Massachusetts hits 2,000 new daily coronavirus cases for first time since early May

Latest state figures show 2,038 Covd-19 cases today, the first time we've seen numbers that high since early May.

On Sept. 6, the state reported just 370 new Covid-19 cases.

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And we did it again today! 2,200 positives.

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Yesterday was the third day in a row that the US set a new record for COVID cases. It's being described as a 'tsunami'. Too bad we don't have a functioning president yet.

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... will still be around when we finally get one in two months. Tough luck for the couple hundred thousand more Americans who _won't_ make it due to the current president's indifference and incompetence.

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A new president will do wonders for us all.

But if you expect Covid deaths to plummit, the next few months (and, possibly years) are going to be very difficult for you.

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