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Misty morning on the Charles

Egret on the Charles River

Roving UHub photographer Mary Ellen was out and about along the Charles River in Millennium Park in West Roxbury this morning, where she spotted an egret hunting for breakfast and a rower paddling through the mist:

Paddling through the mist on the Charles River at Millennium Park

Also up this morning: A couple of deer, including this young'un munching away with a wary eye:

Young deer at Millennium Park


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Awesome shot!

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Sorry to get all pedantic, but "rower" is incorrect. The kayaker in the photo is using a paddle not oars, so, paddler or kayaker is correct.

Also, great photos!


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So deer in West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain too. It's like the pandemic is turning Boston into a nature preserve. Does anyone else worry that bears are next? Scary creatures bears, especially in the city.

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