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Paying it forward in Dorchester

Eileen Murphy reports:

In line at DJs Polish Market in Dot. & let the construction worker on lunch break go ahead of me as capacity strictly enforced. Said wasn't in a hurry. Go to pay for groceries & the man had put $20.00 toward my bill. Was dumbfounded.

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Adam: Thanks for posting this story.

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Glad to hear stories affirming that good still exists.

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She probably saved him that much time, but still ... very sweet!

I saw something similar at a local deli/grocery. Someone lined up behind me and someone in front of me recognized her as an ICU nurse. General consensus: front of the line for her (despite her "day off" protesting).

In the words of Bill and Ted: "Be Excellent to Each Other!"

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OK Karen!

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For comfort food heaven visit the Polish Triangle. That construction worker was raised right. Is he single?? Doubt it. Bummer.

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gem! Great story.

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