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Stores re-open in Jamaica Plain, but with little foot traffic, there's little business

Boston Magazine files a dispatch from Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.


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Turn the parking lots on Centre street into patios and outdoor sales areas for restaurants and shops. Take away a travel and parking lane on weekends for even more space for people and businesses.

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Close Centre St. to anything but buses, emergency vehicles, and maybe local traffic--use the parking lanes for pedestrians and cyclists and let the restaurants and shops expand for outdoor seating and sales on the sidewalks.

That way everyone isn't concentrated together in one or two parking lots.

Restaurants not bordering the municipal lots realistically wouldn't be able to provide meals there. Those that are on the parking lot, could be allowed to expand with patios.

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Wishing all local shops the best! Unfortunately, as we have seen on a recent previous post from commenters who want corporate chains to get liquor licenses at the expense of neighborhood mom & pop wine/beer shops, many prefer to shop at the Wal-Marts of the world because it's cheap and convenient and supporting local neighborhood businesses is of no interest to them.

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Not sure why everyone's ignoring this part - if you're unemployed or furloughed, or even just cutting back on consumption right now, you probably don't need another coffee mug advertising that you're from Jamaica Plain, no matter how cute it is.

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No shit, it's not safe to be opening anything yet and people know it. "Reopening" is a sham, it'd be cheaper for these shops to just stay closed. What we need instead is another relief package to keep workers and small business owners afloat until it's actually safe to open again.

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I'm waiting for Phase 2. I like to walk around in stores. Sorry Center Street shops. I love you all but No.

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